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Super Mechs

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Super Mechs takes place on a far-flung, far-future planet that's been largely stripped of its resources and apparently abandoned by much of its population. (That, or they hide indoors as mechs tear a swath of destruction through the streets. Can't say I'd blame them.) Players strap into the virtual cockpit of a heavily armed bipedal mech and engage in the time-worn tradition of shooting the crap out of other mechs in online-only free-for-alls, team deathmatches and a couple of novel objective-based game modes.

Controls of the Game

All you need is your [MOUSE] in able to play a game.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Strafe only when you are going to be hit with a rocket. An experienced pilot will wait for you to expend your boost before shooting you with his secondary weapon.

TOW Launchers can be exploded prematurely by pressing the right mouse button again, use this to your advantage when fighting around missile silos/obscuring terrain so that you can hit them around corners with the blast.

Using your jump jets in combat is usually a bad idea, however it can be used effectively if you boost+jump over the head of your enemy. I find that this confuses most people and they will either run (exposing their flanks), stop moving to look around (sitting duck) or try and shoot as you leap past their range of movement.

Positioning is everything. Avoid getting between two mechs, friendly or otherwise, as you can accidentally get hit by rockets on both sides.

game review

But Super Mechs loses its lustre when it opens fire on players'. The game is free to get into, but earning enough in-game currency to upgrade mechs' weapons, armour and abilities takes forever. This, along with the oddly lopsided online matchmaking, seems designed to steer players into shelling out cash for in-game credits to quickly upgrade their mechs to a competitive level. It might be only a few bucks here and there, but dang, I would much rather play an upfront price and get access to everything, rather than die the death of a thousand cuts. Too often, free to play simply means pay to win.